30 Minute Project: Ruffle Knit Skirt Tutorial

During the #iwantfabric giveaway last week it became overwhelmingly obvious to me that ruffle knit fabric is still very popular! I picked some up for myself from Michael Levine. I love the color, mustard. I’ll be very sad the day it is completely out of style. When I found this fabric I knew I had to have it. Making a skirt is so simple when you’re using ruffle knit fabric. No need to hem!

The one thing that has kept me away from sewing with ruffle knit fabric in the past is the sheerness of the fabric under the ruffle. A little flipped up ruffle could be rather embarrassing. This tutorial will show you how to easily line your skirt. No wardrobe malfunctions! We’ll show you how to make a ruffle knit skirt for girls or women.

Easy Ruffle Skirt Tutorial from GoToSew.com


  • Ruffle knit fabric: 20-24″ for women, less for girls (B below)
  • Solid knit fabric with 25%+ stretch in your skin tone or neutral: 18-22″ for women, less for girls (C below)
  • 1″ wide knit elastic (not non-roll elastic): waist measurement-3″ (D below)
  • Go To Leggings pattern for girls (optional)

ruffle knit skirt measurements

Ruffle knit skirt tutorial from gotosew.com

  1. Admire your fabric.
  2. Lay your fabric out flat.
  3. Cut the bottom of the ruffle knit fabric (with scissors) along the bottom edge of a ruffle.
  4. Cut the top edge of the ruffle knit fabric with scissors. Flip the top ruffle up and cut just under where the ruffle attaches to the fabric. This will leave you 1-2″ of fabric with no ruffle. Perfect for the waistband. (measurement B)
  5. Cut the width of your skirt with a rotary cutter (measurement A).
  6. Cut the lining fabric with a rotary cutter. (measurement  lining A x lining B). Optional: Cut and sew leggings– do not finish waistband yet.

Ruffle knit skirt tutorial from gotosew.com

  1. Fold outer ruffle layer, right sides together. Fold lining layer right sides together, wrapped around ruffle layer. Match edges. Pin well. Make sure the ruffles are laying flat and you match them at the seam. Sew. Learn more about how to pin.
  2.  Sew waistband together (measurement D). Pin it on the top of the skirt & lining (or leggings) so it is evenly distributed.
  3. Sew with a zigzag stitch or serger along the top of the elastic & skirt. Pull the elastic tight while sewing. Hold the fabric behind the needle with your other hand to prevent the needle from breaking.
  4. Turn waistband down toward wrong side. Pin.
  5. Sew all the way around the top with a straight stitch. Be sure to stretch the elastic as you go.
  6. You’re done!

Easy Ruffle Skirt with attached leggings tutorial

Ruffle Skirt tutorial

Have you sewn with ruffle knit fabric?

We have some extra ruffle knit fabric (this fabric!) to give away!

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  1. Why isn’t your #1 step, “Admire your fabric”, listed in more tutorials? Some people take it as a given I suppose, but this step uses up most of my time on a daily basis. Plan accordingly. 😉

  2. Lucky for me, your newsletter is how I learned about this tutorial. I need to make my girls some ruffle fabric skirts :)

  3. I already subscribe to your newsletter! Love that fabric – the little geometric pattern between the ruffles is extra-special

  4. My niece would look soooo cute in a skirt made from this fabric. I may have to look for some

  5. I already receive the newsletter & am SO in love w/ Ruffle fabric. Have been for about 2 years now. I have NEVER seen one this detailed tho & w/o the lettuce edge on the bottom of the ruffle. Beautiful fabric!!!! Thanks for the opportunity to get my little paws on some of this gorgeous stuff!!!!

  6. Already receive your email, its great! Do you have a link to that type of ruffle fabric? It’s really lovely, and I would like to score some even if I’m not the lucky winner :-)

  7. Gorgeous fabric. And great tutorial! I have made some items with ruffle fabric but have been hesitant to attempt a skirt. I think I can manage it with these great instructions. Thanks for the giveaway!

  8. I subscribed right now! would love to win this fabric and THANK YOU for the great tutorial! I’ve been meaning to sew myself some decent skirts :)

  9. Eek! I’m TOTALLY going to make this! But if I won that gorgeous fabric it would be the icing on the cake :)

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  11. Thank you. I saw some of this fabric and bought it to make a skirt for my grand daughter now I have the pattern to do it.

  12. I have a question, when you fold the ruffle over to the inside, do you sew just under the elastic or on the elastic? Thanks for the great tutorial. It is a sweet skirt.

  13. Karen, I don’t fold a ruffle over the top. I cut the top of the skirt just below where the top ruffle starts so there are a couple inches of non-ruffle fabric. This eliminates extra bulk on the waistband. Hope that helps!

  14. I just bought some ruffle material to make skirts for my granddaughters. Thank you for the pattern.