Parisian Top Sew Along: Choosing Fabric

Welcome to the Parisian Top Sew Along! It’s time to get sewing!! Let’s talk about fabric, shall we??

Fabric type:

The Parisian should be made from a knit with at least 40% stretch. No idea how to determine stretch? Follow this handy guide to determine how much stretch your fabric has. And don’t forget to measure stretch recovery!

I highly recommend using an interlock knit or ponte if this is your first time sewing knits. These knits don’t curl when you cut them and they are a bit sturdier to sew.

What kind of knit fabric?

I prefer to use an interlock, sweater knit or a ponte knit for my Parisians but you may certainly use a jersey knit or a blend. The most important thing is the weight! You don’t really want to use something too thin. If you know the weight of the fabric, aim for something between 8-12 oz. Opt for a fabric on the lighter side for the collar. A woven fabric works fine for the collar.

Make sure it has stretch & recovery!

If you want to be able to put your shirt on and have it keep it’s proper shape, make sure your fabric has a lot of stretch and good recovery. Learn how to test for stretch and recovery.

Fabric inspiration:

Parisian Top Parisian-top

  1. Lexi Made: The purple knit is a Ponte De Roma. The weight is about 12 oz. It is nice and sturdy. Sure to hide any lumps and bumps while not being too thick. I used a rayon woven for the collar.
  2. Andrea’s Notebook: The black floral is a sweater knit. It has a weight of about 10 oz but feels rather thick. It was a bit too thick for the collar, actually. Next time I would use a different, thinner knit or a woven for the collar.

Julia Bobbin parisian top kate parisian

  1. Julia BobbinFloral skull knit is 8.5 oz. This is probably about the lightest weight you want to use. Much lighter and it will get very thin.
  2. See Kate SewThis Mustard Yellow Ponte De Roma is also a 12 oz weight.

delia-parisian parisian stef

  1. Delia Creates: Mint & Cream striped Ponte De Roma, medium weight.
  2. the Girl, Inspired: Silver spandex blend knit.

parisian melissa parisian merrick

  1. Melly SewsCharcoal cotton spandex 8.5 oz, and a black woven cotton for the collar.
  2. Merrick’s Art: jersey knit stripe.

parisian-katy parisian

  1. No Big Dill: jersey blend with a woven collar.
  2. Shawnta Sews: adorable on a teen!

parisian jess parisian sew like my mom

  1. If Only They Would Nap: the ever popular feathers fabric. 7.5 oz.
  2. Sew Like My Mom: interlock knit and a woven cotton for the collar.

Any questions about choosing the fabric??