A Simple Dog Bed Tutorial

One of my things to sew on my holiday list was a dog bed!

And I made it, but the surprise didn’t last to get under the tree. We ended up giving it to her right away!
Earlier this year we added a silly little beagle to our family. When we got her, her paper work said that her favorite activity is lounging. It is high on her list. We also inherited a little dog bed for her. And it’s perfect when she curls up in a ball. But when she stretches out, she hangs off of both ends. So she needed a new one. But they are so expensive!
And this one was free! I made it all with fabrics we had on hand, one for the top and bottom and one for the sides, and a bunch of scraps. The kiddo picked the fabrics! Great color choices I think!
First we cut! I based mine partly on the size fabric I had on hand and partly on the size of the dog. For a beagle or a medium sized dog, I cut the top and bottom to be about 24 by 30. The side are 6 inches by the length of the bed plus about 8 inches.
Sew on the side. Finish the side by following this video. The video is for binding a quilt, but around min 8 is the great part of how to make the edge (or binding) fit perfectly! No need to reinvent the wheel, right??
Pin on the other side at the corners so that the fleece doesn’t stretch leaving you with wonky corners.
Sew the other side the sides, leaving a hole!
Pull it through the hole so it’s right side out!
I cut all my fleece scraps into tiny scraps… I think this might have taken longer than making the bed! I ended up with about 3 grocery bags of scraps.
Stuff it!
And hand sew the hole together!
And you’ll have one happy puppy!
My studio is outside, so the girl had to leave her leash on for the photos, but otherwise she’s pretty happy with her new bed!
Are you a dog or cat person? This would work for a cat too! What four-legged friend are you going to give a new bed to???