Easy Cloth Napkins Tutorial: How to sew mitered corners

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Cloth napkins make any table look a little bit homier and fancier at the same time. The trouble is, paying $15 for 4 napkins is an insane price. Making homemade napkins is EASY. Choose some of your favorite fabric or mix and match to make an eclectic collection. This cloth napkin tutorial has perfect mitered corners. Your guests won’t guess you made them!

How to sew cloth napkins with perfect corners #sewing #tutorial

Supplies: (makes 4 napkins)

  • 1 yard of fabric (quality quilting fabric or linen)
  • rotary cutter and mat
  • coordinating thread
  • iron

How to sew easy cloth napkins with perfect corners tutorial

Cut your fabric into 4 equal pieces. About 18″x22″ (that’s a fat quarter). Trim them to be squares if you prefer.

  1. Press fabric in 1″ all the way around the edge. Open then press the edge in 1/4″. 
  2. Fold corners right sides together. Make sure the 1″ fold mark is folded exactly in the corner. Sew as seen in the photo. Do not sew over the last 1/4″. This seam will be slightly less than 90 degrees. Trim edges.
  3. Turn right side out.
  4. Tuck edges under on the 1/4″ fold. Sew around edges.

That’s it! You’ll finish all six in no time!

easy cloth napkins tutorial

easy to sew cloth napkins with perfect mitered corners!

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