The easiest no sew fleece scarf

Now that you know how to use your rotary cutter, why not use it to make the easiest scarves ever. No sewing involved. This isn’t really a tutorial because it is too easy to be a tutorial. I stumbled upon this by accident and it was too fun not to share.

Easy No Sew Scarf tutorial


how to cut a scarf

With a large fleece blanket you can make 10 scarves so cheaply while practicing your rotary cutting skills!


Have you ever bought a fleece blanket to use for fabric?

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  1. says

    Dear Andrea, I use the same blankets! My daughter has a scarf, a flaace hat, a cowl…and I just bought the lilac blanket. I also use these blankets as a backing for baby blankets.I sometimes stitch a pretty border in another colour around the “hem”. Love your design!

  2. Ellen says

    ooh I have a fleece blanket that our dog chewed a corner (my 2 year old hasn’t used it since) this would be perfect to upcycle to!


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