Add Lace to Shorts

Adding trim to a "plain" garment takes the style level up a few notches. Mama Says Sew shows how to add lace to shorts in this simple tutorial. Supplies Shorts Border Lace Sewing Machine (or needle and thread) Skill Level Beginner See the Tutorial … Continue reading

Add Shorts to a Skirt

While pretty skirts are adorable, sometimes a girl just wants to have fun! Add stretchy shorts to her ensemble and let her go! :) Thread Riding Hood shows how simple it is to add shorts to a skirt. Skill Level Beginner   See the Tutorial … Continue reading

City Gym Shorts Tutorial

Were you around in the 70s? It's funny how history repeats itself . Fashion is always jumping backward to tweak or copy styles from the past. The City Gym Shorts by The Purl Bee are a reminder of those fun shorts from the 70s. Retro at its finest. Supplies These supplies are recommended by … Continue reading

Make Shorts!

Did you know that basic shorts are simple to make? (Of course you did!) Here's a reminder by Dana from MADE that with the right pattern and know how you can make shorts for the entire family. Supplies Fabric 1" wide elastic Pattern Skill … Continue reading

No Pattern Shorts

In this video tutorial by With Wendy, you'll learn how to make no pattern shorts using an existing pair of well-fitting jeans. Supplies Well fitting jeans/pants Fabric Elastic Basic sewing supplies Skill Level Advanced … Continue reading