Fabric Origami Butterfly

Make something beautiful "just because" with this lovely fabric origami butterfly tutorial by Michelle Patterns. The tutorial is taken from a paper origami, but you can find all of the instructions for prepping your fabric on the Michelle Patterns' site. Supplies Fabric Sewing Machine (or … Continue reading

DIY Drawstring Bag

Here's a super simple DIY Drawstring Bag that's ultra cute¬† by Sew Over It.¬† It's super quick to sew and perfect for beginners. Supplies Fabric two rectangles of fabric for the body of the bag (mine are 36cm x 30cm) two rectangles of fabric for the drawstring casing (mine are 8cm x … Continue reading

How to Adjust Tension

Proper stitch tension is an important part of creating professional looking projects. Weird puckers are a common result of tension issues. In this tutorial by Craftsy, you'll learn how to adjust tension to create smooth stitches. Skill Level All Levels See the Tutorial … Continue reading