How to Adjust Tension

Proper stitch tension is an important part of creating professional looking projects. Weird puckers are a common result of tension issues. In this tutorial by Craftsy, you'll learn how to adjust tension to create smooth stitches. Skill Level All Levels See the Tutorial … Continue reading

Quick Gathers

How do you gather fabric? Increase your stitch length, run a row or two and then pull the tread? Does your thread ever break? Take a look at this tutorial on RaeGun Ramblings for a way to create quick gathersĀ  evenly without breaking your thread. Supplies Sewing Machine with zig zag … Continue reading

How to Insert Elastic into Casings

Elastic casings around waists, cuffs or even ankles are a great way to cinch fabric together and give shape. Sewaholic offers some great tips for how to insert elastic into casings to create a professional finish. (There's more to it than just feeding the elastic through the hole. :) ) Skill … Continue reading