How to Adjust Tension

Proper stitch tension is an important part of creating professional looking projects. Weird puckers are a common result of tension issues. In this tutorial by Craftsy, you'll learn how to adjust tension to create smooth stitches. Skill Level All Levels See the Tutorial … Continue reading

Quick Gathers

How do you gather fabric? Increase your stitch length, run a row or two and then pull the tread? Does your thread ever break? Take a look at this tutorial on RaeGun Ramblings for a way to create quick gathersĀ  evenly without breaking your thread. Supplies Sewing Machine with zig zag … Continue reading

Cookie Sack DIY

With the holidays just a few months away, it's not too early to begin thinking about gift ideas. Here's an adorable cookie sack DIY idea from Celebrate Creativity. Supplies Fabric Ruler Scissors (o Rotary Cutter) Basic Sewing Supplies Embellishments Skill Level Beginner See … Continue reading

Hand Embroidery 101

Do you have an interest in the Slow Sewing movement? If you're looking for a way to slow down the pace, this hand embroidery tutorial by the Seasoned Homemaker will help get you started. Skill Level Beginner See the Tutorial … Continue reading