Fabric Origami Butterfly

Make something beautiful "just because" with this lovely fabric origami butterfly tutorial by Michelle Patterns. The tutorial is taken from a paper origami, but you can find all of the instructions for prepping your fabric on the Michelle Patterns' site. Supplies Fabric Sewing Machine (or … Continue reading

DIY Drawstring Bag

Here's a super simple DIY Drawstring Bag that's ultra cute  by Sew Over It.  It's super quick to sew and perfect for beginners. Supplies Fabric two rectangles of fabric for the body of the bag (mine are 36cm x 30cm) two rectangles of fabric for the drawstring casing (mine are 8cm x … Continue reading

How to Adjust Tension

Proper stitch tension is an important part of creating professional looking projects. Weird puckers are a common result of tension issues. In this tutorial by Craftsy, you'll learn how to adjust tension to create smooth stitches. Skill Level All Levels See the Tutorial … Continue reading

Baggy Baby Shorts

Aren't these super baggy baby shorts adorable? Make some for your little one with this easy tutorial from One Little Minute. Supplies 1/2 yard of fabric 1 yard of 1″ elastic 1 yard of twill tape or coordinating ribbon for the tie Skill Level Advanced Beginner See the Tutorial … Continue reading