How to Paint Fabric with Dye

There are lots of ways to customize a sewing project from tweaking a pattern to adding trim and embellishments. Another great way to add a twist to your design is by learning how to paint fabric with dye. Create one of a kind designer fabric to showcase your designs. Online Fabric Store shares the process in this video.


  • Rit Dye – Aquamarine # 24 Liquid
  • Rit Dye – Navy Blue # 30 Liquid
  • Rit Dye – Denim Blue # 36 Liquid
  • Rit Dye – Teal # 4 Liquid
  • Rit Dye – Lemon Yellow # 1 Liquid
  • Rit Dye Fixative – Liquid
  • Robert Kaufman White Kona Cotton Broadcloth Fabric

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