Sunny Glasses Case


Thread Riding Hood Shares a tutorial and pattern for this handy glasses case that you’ll love.


  • 11″wide by 10″h scrap of your main outer fabric and lining fabric
  • 10″x10″ scrap of fusible fleece
  • 5″x9″ plastic canvas (I used size 7 mesh)
  • The pattern pieces – Click on this link to download the printable pdf: Sunny Glasses Case pattern pieces
  • Other Helpful Things: School Glue Stick, Point Turning Tool or Chopstick, Water Soluble (or other) fabric marker, Pins
  • Option 1 & 4 Only – 5″ loop Velcro and 2.5″ hook Velcro
  • Option 2 Only – Button Closure + Swivel Clip: Button, Hair Elastic or 4″ piece of Round Elastic, Swivel Clip with 1″ D-ring, Fabric for strap: 5″x4″
  • Option 3 Only – Magnetic Closure: 1 Magnetic Snap
  • Option 4 Only – Car Visor: 1 piece of 1″ wide elastic, 9″ long

Skill Level: Advanced Beginner

Find the full tutorial and pattern here.

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