Sew & Tell: Yoki the Fat Dragon

Today’s Sew & Tell is courtesy of the very talented Terry of Toohey Sews! She crafted an adorably squishy (AND PURPLE!!) Yoki the Fat Dragon. Yoki is by DIY Fluffies and is available over at the Go to Patterns & Co shop!

Yoki the Fat Dragon 2

Hi, this is Terry from Toohey Sews (you can find my Flickr page here:  I love making stuffed toys, and when I got the opportunity to make Yoki the Fat Dragon, I knew she had to be a purple dragon.  I bought two different kinds of purple and lavender fleece from Jo-Ann’s and jumped right in.  Here’s how Yoki turned out:

Yoki the Fat Dragon 1

She looks adorable with her very small eyes and her grasping fingers.  If you’ve made stuffed animals before, you will be able to figure out the directions. I would not suggest this pattern as a first attempt at making a stuffed animal, though.  But Yoki is so cute, she is worth the attempt.
Be sure to check out Yoki the Fat Dragon in the Go To Patterns shop.  Thanks!