Tutorial: The ‘Eared’ Earflap Hat

I hope you weren’t on pins and needles waiting for my tutorial this month! If you were, sorry to keep ya hanging. I’m a bit behind! earflaphat-main-imfeelincraftyProject Run and Play and got behind in other things. If you are following along this season of Project Run and Play, this hat might look familiar… It’s my ‘Eared’ Earflap hat for the kiddos! EarFlapHat-Step1-ImFeelinCrafty It’s a quick one that you can do with some larger fleece scraps you might have around the house! All you need is two pieces of fleece (or you could use just one color too) and cutting tools! And you can download the pattern here. EarFlapHat-Step2a-ImFeelinCrafty Step 2: Cut out the pieces. You’ll need 2 of each color/print for the main pieces and the little ears. And a 3 inch strip about 15″ long (you’ll trim this later, so it doesn’t need to be exact!) EarFlapHat-Step2b-ImFeelinCrafty Step 3: Cut the slit in the outside fabric. You can do it on the inside pieces, but I’ve found with fleece that it doesn’t really need the darts on the inside. EarFlapHat-Step3-ImFeelinCrafty Step 4: Make your ears. Sew the ears together and then turn right side out. EarFlapHat-Step4-ImFeelinCrafty Step 5: Place the ears in the hat. EarFlapHat-Step5a-ImFeelinCrafty Step 6: Sew it together! First sew the ear slit closed. Then sew the middle 3″ slit between the two side pieces. And sew the middle strip and side pieces of the inside pieces together too. EarFlapHat-Step5b-ImFeelinCrafty Step 7: Trim the excess of the middle piece off. I trim it in a slight curve between the two sides. Step 8: Put the inside and outside together, one inside the other, with right sides facing. EarFlapHat-Step7-ImFeelinCrafty Step 9: Sew along the side edge. You do need to leave a hole, about 2 inches. EarFlapHat-Step8-ImFeelinCrafty Step 10: Optional, but you can trim the curved pieces. With fleece it’s not quite as critical, but if you were sewing it with a different fabric, this really helps to get the fabric to lay flat. Since the fleece kinda stretches around, it’s not as critical. EarFlapHat-Step9-ImFeelinCrafty Step 11: Pull through the hole. EarFlapHat-Step10-ImFeelinCrafty Step 12: Hand sew the hole. EarFlapHat-FinishHat-ImFeelinCrafty And you’ve got a hat! Pretty easy! It would also be fun to recycle a sweater for this project! EarFlapHat-Side-ImFeelinCrafty EarFlapHat-End-ImFeelinCrafty

  1. FANTASTIC tutorial ‘Eared’ Earflap Hat with precise directions & clear photos. Your comment of recycling a sweater is practical & great! I hope to try this, one side a used wool sweater & the other side new fleece in coordinating colors. THANKS— you’re really thorough. Sarah Helene, Minneapolis, MN