Featured: Bandage Skirt Tutorial

I wear tons of skirts and am always looking for something unique to add to my collection. This Bandage Skirt from Family Ever After definitely fits the bill! It is form fitting and chic, yet it’s made from a super comfortable knit. Love it!

Want to make one of your own? Head on over to Family Ever After for the tutorial!

bandage skirt


  • 1 yard knit fabric, with good stretch
  • 1 yard lining, 100% polyester recommended
  • 1 yard thick elastic for waistband (or enough to wrap around your waist)
  • medical or freezer paper for pattern drafting
  • ballpoint needle for machine
  • machine, pins, rotary cutter, mat
  • optional: double needle for your machine
  • optional: serger

Skill level:


See the full Bandage Skirt tutorial here! 

Are you a skirt person? I am…so comfy!!

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