Featured: On the Go Toothbrush Holder Tutorial

Toothbrushes can be tricky to pack. Sure, they’re easy before you have to use them…before they get wet. But after? Ick. I’ve always resorted to plastic baggies – or just thrown my toothbrush out in the hotel. ┬áTraditional plastic toothbrush holders are kind of gross and germy.

But now? No more throwing out toothbrushes (until they’re ready, of course). This great tutorial from The Train to Crazy shows how to make an absorbent and WASHABLE toothbrush holder out of wash cloths. Genius! I love that it keeps the rest of your luggage dry from damp toothbrushes and you can just chuck it in the washing machine when you get home. These would make a great, thoughtful gift, too!

toothbrush holder


  • two wash cloths
  • ribbon

Skill level:


See the full On the Go Toothbrush Holder Tutorial here.

How do you pack toothbrushes?

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  1. It was designed for a traditional toothbrush, but I don’t see why it couldn’t work for an electric! The only issue might be the length of the electric tootbrush.