Deluxe Fort Kit

Summer vacation starts and the kids are so excited. Then, a few days (if you’re lucky), it hits. “Mooooooo-oooooom. I’m BORED.” Then you’re desperately trying to entertain your kids before you lose your mind to whining. Or is that just me?


This brilliant Fort Kit from Saltwater Kids might be the most genius solution to summertime boredom, ever (besides making them clean the garage). It can create a nook for reading on a rainy day. It can be a spaceship out in the backyard. Also, what a great and economical idea for a birthday gift!

Want to make one? There’s a tutorial over at Saltwater Kids and it’s simple enough for a novice sewist.

fort bag 4


  • sheets (I used 2 twin flat sheets)
  • clothes pins
  • clamps
  • rope
  • flashlight/headlamp
  • suction cups
  • adult t-shirt (for the ties)
  • bags (or fabric for making them) for the accessories and the kit

Skill level:


See the full Fort Kit tutorial here.

What’s your go-to solution to summer vacation boredom?

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