How to Make Ruffles



Ever wondered how to make cute ruffles to put on clothes, accessories, handbags, etc?

Today, I’m going to show you three easy techniques on how to create ruffly creations.

Technique #1: The Traditional Method

Increase your stitch length to its maximum (mine is 5.0) and sew along the edge of your fabric leaving thread tails at the beginning and ends.

Pull the bobbin threads from both ends and watch your fabric gather. Be careful not to break your thread!

Technique #2: The Dental Floss Method


Increase your stitch length + stitch width to their maximums. Set your machine to a zig-zag stitch. Hold your dental floss in place as you sew a zig-zag over it (not catching the dental floss, just on either side of it) down the entire length of your fabric. Pull the dental floss and gather your fabric!

Technique #3: The Tension Method


Increase your stitch length to its maximum, take a hold of your top thread and hold it (adding a bit of tension) as you sew down your fabric. The tighter you hold, the more tension that is put on the thread and the more ruffle you will get!