Featured: Casserole Carrier Tutorial

Easter is a casserole holiday. If you’re brunching, it’s an egg casserole. Dinner? Scalloped potatoes. Keep your casseroles cozy on the go with this fantastic Casserole Carrier – you can make your own with this tutorial by Two Little Hooligans.

how to make a casserole carrier. Love this! Great idea! #sewing


  • Insul-Bright (1 yard, make sure it is 44″ x 36″)
  • medium or light weight cotton fabric (2 yards of fabric)
  • *2″ wide Velcro ( 24″ of 2″ wide Velcro)

Skill level:


See the full Casserole Carrier tutorial here.

What kind of casserole would you carry in this fabulous (and useful!) carrier?

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