Featured: Fabric Easter Basket Tutorial

Easter is this weekend! Does your family do Easter baskets? I love the idea of these fabric Easter Baskets – they’re super storable AND reusable. I’m sure my daughter would turn it into a purse for dress up! Do you love it too? Make your own with this tutorial from Melly Sews!




  • A round object, to trace for the bottom of the basket. She used a serving bowl.
  • Enough fabric to make the circle, sides (circumference of the circle x height you want – mine is 6 inches) and handle (length you want +1″ by (width you want x 2) +1″ . My handle piece was 18″ by 4.5″.
  • Lining fabric to cut out sides and circle.
  • Heavy duty interfacing to cut out sides, handle and circle.
  • Piping. Buy pre-packaged or make your own.
  • The usual sewing supplies.

Skill level:

Adventurous Beginner.

See the full Fabric Easter Basket tutorial here.

Do your children get Easter Baskets?

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